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Since 1994 toolhouse develops and sells software for certified and audit-proof data sanitization, diagnostic software for PCs, notebooks, tablets & server, data recovery, remote support and copy software.



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Certified data sanitization

toolstar®shredderLX starts with its own operating system and sanitizes all connected data storage devices from HDD, SSD, NVMe to USB. Various national and international erasure standards are supported. The software is certified by the independent certification agency ADISA. The ADISA certificate proves that after a successful erasure with toolstar®shredderLX, data cannot be restored using data recovery software or special recovery hardware.


Starts with its own operating system

Since toolstar®testLX has its own operating system, it doesn't matter whether or which operating system is installed on the PC. toolstar®testLX boots the system independently from the installed operating system and tests the hardware of any device.

Data sanitization software for Windows

toolstar®shredderWIN runs in Windows and wipes all connected disks. From HDD, SSD, NVMe to USB. Various national and international erasure standards are supported. It is also possible to wipe individual partitions. For each deletion, you will receive an individual certificate that can be clearly assigned to the deleted data medium.

In addition to the wipe functions, testing options for hard drives are integrated. This includes the reading benchmark, mechanical and access time test and reading out the SMART values ​​(SMART analysis and SMART self-test).

Boxshot Datenlöschsoftware toolstar Shredder

Recover lost and deleted data

Rescue data from all media such as hard drives, SSDs, USB sticks, flash cards, cameras, MP3 players and even in RAIDs! Or restore entire folder structures from all Windows file systems!

Simply create bootable Windows USB sticks and customize them as you wish

Easily creates bootable Windows® PE USB sticks using a graphical interface and offers the option of integrating drivers, DLLs, programs, packages and your own wallpaper. The integrated script editor makes it easy to create customized startup scripts without any prior knowledge.

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Tested and certified

toolhouse is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015. It describes requirements for quality management systems. It is awarded to increase the performance/efficiency of the company or to demonstrate practiced/trustworthy quality management to customers and partners through certification by an independent certification body.

Area of effect: Development, sales and support of products for hardware diagnostic, data recovery, data erasure and copying drives of servers, PCs, notebooks and industrial PCs/controllers