OS-Deployment with toolstar®LX

An often requested function for toolstar®testLX and toolstar®shredderLX was the possibility, especially in the area of ​​refurbishment and manufacturing, automatically after testing and/or Delete an operating system image on the device. This is now possible thanks to automated OS deployment. The limitation is the use of static images without any adjustments to drivers or similar. However, it is possible to play back on different hardware and hard drive sizes.

Instructions and further information

Complete instructions and further information on setup can be found in our knowledgebase:

Support and help

The scripts and information provided are for your own use in conjunction with toolstar®testLX or toolstar®shredderLX. If you find an error in the information or scripts, toolhouse will fix it. However, adjustments for your specific case or additional automation in the process of testing and deployment functions are outside of normal support. If you need adjustments in these areas, please contact your responsible processor for an individual offer.