“I am impressed with how the Toolhouse software has developed, the test results are excellent (unbeatable). You no longer sweat while working, but you can keep an eye on the temperatures of the CPUs and the ToolstarLX protocol is up to date and the protocols are up to date with the global time. You are in the right place for support, you are taken seriously and the problems will be eliminated.

Thank you for that and keep it up, I can only recommend it.”
Andreas Stumper, IT system electronics engineer and Technik Rosch, Rosch Computer GmbH

“…calculated on an eight-hour day, using toolstar®test OS saves 72 minutes of time per workstation.”
Mattias Wilke, Production Manager, Geodis Logistics Deutschland GmbH
“The test result/result is excellent. I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of myself and my colleagues to congratulate you on this.”
Rainer Latzke, quality assurance, Geodis Deutschland GmbH
“The test results and the type of possible outputs also exceed the expectations of our authorities, so we can hand over the outputs directly with our test documents”
Manfred Martin Zenkert, HW Support / HW Resources and ITIL Management, DAIICHI SANKYO EUROPE GmbH
“The use of software-supported error diagnosis relieves technicians, shortens throughput times and increases the quality of error diagnosis. This reduces costs and increases sales at the same time.”
Stefan Kanthak, Technischer Leiter, Expert Bening
“Thank you very much for the quick and competent support. I am very satisfied with the test board as it has often helped me solve problems.”
Stefan Wahl, EDV-Beratung
“All of our industrial computers are tested with this tool and the customer receives a report upon request. This ensures that every computer leaves the house in the best quality.”
Joachim Peick, ROSCH Computer
“Thanks for the quick help, that’s what I really call “GOOD SUPPORT”. I'm very satisfied."
Joachim Peick, ROSCH Computer
"... because the new OS version is great... with the i5 cores it's about 500% faster with the stress test!"
Frank Wiley, PCservices
“You are great, the programs I received from you are now indispensable.”
Andi Kruse, ComputerHilfe
"Great praise! The recovery has literally saved my butt twice - really great software, really great!”
Stefano Rost, Rost Computerservice

“… because your software has now become an integral part of my computer service, a great thing.”
Thomas Dopatka, Point of Service

“I have to say, the program works really well and this investment was worth it. Compliments to those who developed this.”
Günter Rau
“Even during emergency operations in the baggage handling system of Terminal 1 at Munich Airport, it no longer takes up to several hours, but perhaps a maximum of ten minutes to clearly identify the error as a software or specific hardware problem.”
Sven Hütten, Rechner & Kommunikation, Flughafen München GmbH
“I would like to thank you again for your efforts and the good support from your company. The tips you get from a phone call alone make the investment in your products worth it, apart from the useful functions.”
Markus Meier, Cleverat
“What I really like is the constant further development of the individual products at toolhouse. We automatically receive several updates a year so that we are always up to date with the rapidly changing HW technologies...”
Manfred Martin Zenkert, HW Support / HW Resources and ITIL Management, DAIICHI SANKYO EUROPE GmbH
“Thank you very much for the quick, unbureaucratic help. You don’t find that very often these days.”
Dirk Leitner, Applied Science, Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Regarding toolstar®recovery: “We can only congratulate you! All 6500 photos recovered thanks to your software!”
Roman Siegfried

"Thank you! Restoring the data worked fine. I will recommend the program.”
Markus Hörret, hoerret.com
“… very satisfied with the toolstar LX Stick. ... It is very important for us to use this tool on a daily basis, as it reflects our daily work and makes a decisive contribution to quality assurance for our customers.
Joachim Peick, ROSCH Computer
“Thank you very much in advance and thank you for your patience and commitment to the assistance. Some companies can take an example from this.”
Thorsten Scheid, hard and soft computer GmbH & Co. KG

“I was able to use the program to restore the files on my daughter's defective hard drive. She is very happy that her vacation pictures and the pictures of her son are not lost.”
Günter Rau

“Even failures that occur only rarely can be detected through endurance tests.”
Stefan Kanthak, Technischer Leiter, Expert Bening
“About toolstar®recovery: “The program is very good. I was able to open all the documents. ""
Sin Brunner, Sinuix EDV

“A really powerful tool! We really enjoy it.”
Markus Wessels, Geschäftsleitung, Wolftek GmbH

“I recently purchased RecPRO. The handling of the software is well described, so that I was able to use the tool quickly and effectively. Based on my first experiences, the product is very good.”
Günther Böhm, Bürokommunikation
“tested the new recovery pro version..., the result was convincing... Definitely a great story! Above all, the hard drive… was now easy to restore with this version.” David Rahn, D.R.C. Computerservice
“That sounds excellent and once again confirms what I said on Wednesday about you and your company, namely that an 80% commitment from you is trustworthy enough to be able to rely on. Thanks."
Ulli Jentz, Siemens Medical Solutions
“A clear big compliment to your company when it comes to the competence of the employees (whether sales or technology) and how the service is implemented in your company. In the age of call centers and semi-skilled idiots, it's very, very refreshing to be able to establish a relationship with a company like yours. And that too at normal telephone costs. Simply brilliant and absolutely great.” Manfred Waschelitz, Vertriebsleiter, Nord Service Projects GmbH
“These testing tools stood out simply because of their professionalism, where they outshone all competitors in terms of product content, product scope, presentation, documentation and packaging. We were even more surprised by the performance and range of functions of these testing tools.”
Manfred Martin Zenkert, HW Support / HW Resources and ITIL Management, DAIICHI SANKYO EUROPE GmbH
“I think the diversity of the tests is incredible and that you can create your own test routines with just a few clicks. The ability to document the tests and the test process is truly unbeatable. My boss is excited too.”
Robert Scholz, neonik it-service

“First of all, I would like to thank you. Your company's software made my life easier and supported me in my youth and thus my beginnings as a technician. It's fantastic to see that the company exists and continues to offer this wonderful diagnostic software.
Thank you for the great memories I was able to make with your software back then.
I'm now 37 and my passion is hardware continued to remain. Please pass on my thanks to the company and the employees!”
Matthias Kubecki

“Even if I only wanted to test the demo version on a (too) defective PC: the support gave me great support in trying to get this software to work despite the extensive damage to the PC - exemplary! Testing PC hardware has so far only been a “fringe area” in my company – but if this area increases, I will definitely come back to you! Thank you very much!"

Thomas Weber, tebcom Thomas Weber

“Support was contacted via email in the evening and the call back was made the next working day in the morning. Competent discussion to narrow down the problem, then a solution was found in a short time that worked immediately. You couldn’t ask for better support – thank you!!!”
Hans-Ulrich Zayc

“I want to tell you that the LXShredder program is a DREAM of a program!! Saving time and deleting hard drives that I couldn't delete with any tool work with your shredder! THANKS"
Gerhard Oswald, gbo Computer

“Great support, always nice and patient. Can even be reached outside of support hours. Very satisfied, many greetings to the whole team!”

Hannes Burrer, IT53 – PC-Hilfe für jeden

“Reliable and solution-oriented service with friendly contact! Just as we have been used to from you for many years. Thanks for your support."
Marco Deters, GEODIS CL Germany GmbH

“Thank you very much for the good support. My technical problem has been solved.”
Ralf Marquis, Sachverständigenbüro Marquis

“Competent and prompt answers, highly recommended.”

Martin Heide, pclike

“I would like to thank you again for your support and wish you all the best.
PS: Everything is going wonderfully!”

Darius Brunner, BTZ-VdK Rehawerk Straubing gGmbH

“Very good tools, have been helpful in my daily work for over 12 years, but the BEST thing is the fantastic, fast and absolutely competent personal support. It is unparalleled in the IT sector. 1A, keep it up!”

Helmut Schrepf, cncc IT-Support

“The duo toolstar®recovery PRO and HDClone is a must for every IT expert in the area of ​​data recovery. Clean data recovery is guaranteed here. The program has often helped me, especially in the forensic area - great program!”
Alexander Schulz, AS Computer

“Excellent support. You always get an answer, help and any support you need. There is absolutely nothing to complain about. Thanks for that."
Axel Peter, ZM EDV GmbH

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in the form of the test and recovery software and the associated support.
With the help of the tips from your support employee and the switch to the newer RecoveryPro version We managed to restore the locking system program data from a museum's computer (the museum employee had accidentally reset the PC to factory settings).
The greater damage to the museum was successfully averted, so that not all of the castle complex's locks would have had to be removed and sent back to the manufacturer. The result would have been a closure lasting several weeks.
So THANK YOU again to Toolhouse!!!
PS. I know Toolhouse from my IT apprenticeship and work at the company […] from 1996 to 2006 and have continued to use the products in my own company since then.”
Stefan Rose, Netzwerk-it.deMultivac

“I wanted to thank you again for the great support we received from you and your colleagues.
Thanks to you we were able to successfully complete the project. Our colleague on site was now able to successfully delete all systems and is now on his way home.”
Florian Magerl, Cabsol Digital Services GmbH

“I have been using Toolhouse products in my company for incoming and outgoing control and for troubleshooting for a long time. These tools are very good and logical to use. Questions regarding the software and its results are answered quickly and friendly by support with a high level of competence.
The same applies to the commercial customer service, through which I feel very well and fairly looked after.”
Hans-Jürgen Theiß, Theiss Multimedia

“I use the tools with my customers and can only report positive things about them.”
Alexander Schulz, AS Computer 

“Hello, I would like to thank Mr. Sandro Leinzinger. A helpful and competent employee.”

Hysri Sahiti

“So far, I have always been able to offer a feasible and satisfactory solution to my questions and problems. Keep it up!"
Dieter Zimmermann

“I would like to thank you again very much for your support yesterday. Thanks to your help, the deletion of the devices is going extremely well so far!”
Wolfgang Eggeling, CANCOM GmbH

“I've already had contact with support a few times. I was always helped quickly and competently. Very friendly support staff.” Wolfgang Welschinger, Multivac