toolhouse has been developing and selling products for troubleshooting PCs, servers, notebooks, convertibles and IPCs since 1994. The high product standard is ensured by a professional team of developers who have been associated with the company for many years.

Customer support at the highest level from trained technical staff and a competent sales team directly in-house are the pillars of our success.

  • Since 1994: Competence in development and sales
  • Development, support and sales from a single source
  • Made in Germany


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Sponsorship and support

BTZ-VdK Rehawerk Straubing non-profit GmbH

toolhouse provides BTZ-VdK Rehawerk Straubing non-profit GmbH free licenses for use in the areas of advanced training, further education and teaching. The BTZ-VdK Rehawerk is a non-profit GmbH with the social association VdK Bayern e.V. as a shareholder and, as a specialist institution, offers services for participation in working life for mentally impaired people in accordance with SGB IX.

Our technology

With the toolstar® product family, it is easy to find errors in PCs, servers or notebooks. Professional testing instead of “trial and error”. Support tasks are carried out faster and more effectively. The qualified data deletion software from toolhouse deletes all data from HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB and much more. complete, audit-proof and certified.

Our data recovery tools bring back corrupted files and directories. With our hard drive tools, hard drives can be duplicated or deleted.

In cooperation with PCVisit, toolhouse offers professional remote maintenance software for supporters in which toolstar®testWIN was implemented directly.

If you have any questions, our technical Support is available at any time via Email or Phone.

Save time with toolhouse products

A look at our chart shows the amount of time required for a technician or administrator to test a certain number of PCs per month.

Save time with toolhouse products
Save time with toolhouse products

Using the common testing method (without testing equipment), we estimate an average working time of 30 minutes per PC. This value is based on surveys and experience and is of course variable.

For tests with toolstar®test the time required for the technician to start the test procedures is specified. The duration of the tests is flexible and freely configurable. A burn-in test, for example, can take several hours, while a quick exit check can only take a few minutes. In both cases, however, the time required for the technician is identical.

Regardless of whether you are testing five or 1,000 PCs, by using toolstar®test you will save around 90% of time.

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Tested and certified according to ISO 9001:2015

toolhouse is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015. It describes requirements for quality management systems. It is awarded to increase the performance/efficiency of the company or to demonstrate practiced/trustworthy quality management to customers and partners through certification by an independent certification body.
Scope: Development, sales and support of products for troubleshooting, data recovery, data deletion and for copying systems such as servers, PCs, notebooks and industrial PCs/controllers.