Founded in Munich as Leinzinger Computer

The company's history begins in Munich, in a small office on Genzstrasse. Down in the basement with only a small window to the outside, an idea begins that slowly gains momentum.


Sales for the American manufacturer AllMicro in Germany

In 1995, sales of AllMicro products from the USA began. The Troubleshooter is the first test software distributed by AllMicro Germany (later toolhouse) in its home market.

From this day on, the troubleshooter makes life really difficult for checkit, Norton Utilities and AMI-Diag.


Sales of the Eurosoft product suite

The PC-Check software becomes technician's favorite.


Move into office space in Schweitenkirchen

The company moves into new office space in the town of Schweitenkirchen, right near Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. You may be familiar with the nearby large rest area with several haulage companies on the A9 towards Munich from your holiday trips.


New company name: toolhouse DV-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

From now on, toolhouse develops itself. The toolstar® product family is born and, appropriately, the birth will take place on the Systems in Munich celebrated.


Move to new office space and establishment of toolstar®testOS

toolhouse moves from Schweitenkirchen to the neighboring town of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. toolstar®testOS will be the star among the test products and can also assert itself internationally.


The brother of toolstar®testOS is born: toolstar®WIN

The new product toolstar®WIN (also an in-house development) comes onto the market. The first test software for Windows from toolhouse.


The CeBIT in Hanover

toolhouse has its first own place at the exhibition at the CeBIT in Hanover.


The successor to toolstar®testOS appears: toolstar®testLX

The new software offers improved support for new and old hardware and many other special hardware components. The test software with Linux power. The toolstar®WIN product becomes toolstar®testWIN.


toolstar®shredderLX is born and Sandro Leinzinger, son of the founder Ludwig Leinzinger, comes to toolhouse

The first release of the toolstar®shredderLX appears. Either as a standalone solution or integrated into toolstar®testLX for perfect automation . At the same time, Sandro Leinzinger joins the company.


From now on toolhouse is ISO 9001 certified

The international standard ISO 9001:2015 describes requirements for quality management systems within companies.


Start of the complete revision of toolstar®testLX, toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderLX and toolstar®shredderWIN

The programs toolstar®testLX, toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderLX and toolstar®shredderWIN will be completely revised. A completely updated operating system, a new user interface and many new functions find their way into the programs.


toolstar®shredderLX is now ADISA certified

The software toolstar®shredderLX is now approved by the independent certification body ADISA certified.


Licinger goes online

The self-developed customer portal also makes it possible to have your own USB stick as offline licenses and to deliver updates dramatically simplified.


toolstar®QuickCheckWIN - Test quickly and cost-effectively

A new product comes onto the market. The alternative to the larger and more extensive product toolstar®testWIN.


toolstar®QuickCheckLX - The counterpart to toolstar®QuickCheckWIN

A new product comes onto the market. The alternative to the larger and more extensive product toolstar®testLX.


toolstar®bootCAST - PXE-Server mit SecureBoot Unterstützung

Das neuste Produkt in der toolstar®-Produktfamilie ermöglicht die einfache und flexible Einrichtung eines PXE-Boot Systems für alle toolstar®- und Fremdprodukte.