The professional self-booting data erasure software toolstar®shredderLX deletes data from HDDs, NVMEs, SSDs, USB Media, SD cards and other data carriers are audit-proof, certified and, above all, verifiable. toolstar®shredderLX boots independently from a USB pen drive, DVD or over the network and does not require a functional operating system on the target system. The generated erasure certificates can be easily customized to suit your needs and those of your customers. toolhouse's data sanitization software is used worldwide in small businesses, by manufacturers and refurbishers as well as data centers.

Difference between stick and online licenses:
Online licenses: Not tied to data carriers, can be used flexible, requires an internet connection.
Offline licenses: Strictly bound to a data carrier (USB pen drive), can be used offline.

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Product description

Today, hard drive data must be protected even better than paper documents because they can be evaluated and copied even more easily. This also applies to disposal. In addition, the legislature in Germany has also required data deletion in the Federal Data Protection Act since May 2001. The GDPR has tightened the requirements many times over. With the data erasure software toolstar®shredderLX you have professional self-booting software at your fingertips Not only can you fully adapt it to your processes, but you can also decide independently which erasure method is best for the connected data storage devices. Of course, you can modify and adjust this setting, as well as all other settings in the program, at any time.

  • Self-booting data deletion software, completely independent of the operating system for universal use
  • Erases all data securely and irretrievably
  • For PCs, notebooks, servers and IPCs
  • For HDDs, SSDs, NVMes, USB pen drives, SD cards, USB hard drives and many more
  • International and national sanitization standards such as BSI, DoD, HMG and many more
  • International and national sanitization standards can be combined in any form with firmware-based deletion methods
  • Meaningful protocols and encrypted deletion certificates prove your work, selectable as text, PDF, HTML, XML and JSON
  • You can store your company logo in the protocols (PDF and HTML) and in the deletion certificates (PDF).
  • Freely configurable and automated for your individual use
  • Certified deletion process by ADISA (download certificate)
  • Version to download and use on your own USB stick. Special boot media from toolhouse is available with the toolstar®BOX.
  • Annual license, including all updates within the term and free technical support

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More product details Download PDF-Datasheet

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