Offline licenses

  • The USB stick registered in the customer portal must be permanently connected to the device to be tested.
  • However, the licenses works even without an active connection to the Internet.
  • For locations without access to the Internet such as banks, doctors, lawyers or other high-security environments.
  • For devices with defective LAN or W-LAN cards.
  • The stick itself is the license. If your colleague has the stick in his pocket, you cannot use it. Even if the colleague is not currently using the stick.
  • You can also register any USB stick that can be clearly identified as a license dongle. Good experiences have been made with brands like Intenso, Toshiba, Kingston and SanDisk.

Online licenses (floating licenses)

  • The toolhouse license server checks the license
  • Permanent Internet access via LAN/W-LAN is necessary for interim queries.
  • No specific medium needs to be connected to the device being tested. The boot medium used does not play any role with online licenses.
  • The online license is only consumed when it is actually used. 
  • The toolstar® boot media can be copied unlimitedly. As many of these can then be used simultaneously as there are licenses available.
  • Optimized process for booting via PXE servers like Bootcast, WDS, etc.
  • Also for remote use and emergency media for your customers.
  • It is possible to flexibly equip several technicians or workstations.
Lokale Lizenz, Offline-Lizenzen
Device-Verbingung-Bild, Online-Lizenzen, etc

Examples: Use of offline licenses

Stick license variant:
You use 10 sticks (5x Workshop, 4x technicans, 1x yourself)
If one of the technicians has to test two PCs, he can't do it or has to borrow a stick from his colleagues.

Stick and online licenses variant:  (e.g. 1+5 = 1x stick and 5x online = 6 licenses)
You own 6 licenses, 5 of them can be used flexibly and automatically between the technicans, yourself and the workshop. You can copy as many sticks as you want. Every technician has 2 - 3 in their suitcase, you have one in the office, one in the car and one in the suitcase. The workshop has the 'Stick-License'-stick and 10 copies to be on the safe side.

All copies share the 5 licenses and they will only be counted when they are used.
In the workshop it is possible to test up to 6 PCs at the same time (no matter who has a stick), every technician and you can test.

  • The licenses are used where they are currently needed.
  • Furthermore, having a stick in your pocket does not require a license.
  • Never go back to the workshop to get a stick again, they are ready to use at any time.
  • You can also equip more technicians and test more devices with fewer licenses.

Stick license variant: You have a stick license

If a test is currently running, you cannot urgently test a second device at the same time. If the stick is in the workshop or he is currently testing a device, you cannot test it on the customer's premises. If you have the stick in your pocket, none of the helpers can test it.

Online license variant: You have an online 1+1 license

You can copy the created stick as often as you like and deposit it in various places (workshop, car, suitcase, important customers, etc.) and hand it over to all helpers. All copied sticks share the license and anyone can test anywhere as long as the license is not currently in use. You can test a total of 2 devices at the same time.

Stick license variant:
Each location receives as many stick licenses as usually required.
Each location can test as many devices as it has licenses. If there are more devices to test than planned, work will be delayed or USB sticks will have to be “borrowed” from another location.

Online license variant: 
You calculate how many devices across all locations need to be tested at the same time. Even if you include a security buffer here, you will need fewer licenses overall.

Each location can draw on the entire license pool during peak times and can therefore absorb fluctuations in demand quickly and without additional effort.

Examples: Use of online licenses

You can provide customers with a preconfigured emergency media (USB stick/DVD) for every device delivered or supported, also for download.
If the customer has a problem, they boot from it and automatically connect to you. You can then immediately start a test/long-term test remotely.

  • The customer sees that you are dealing directly with their problem.
  • You can finish your current work while the tests are running.
  • You can see whether and what is defective before you drive to the customer. When you come to the customer, you already have the spare part with you and save the second trip.

You can distribute these to customers in the store or to any interested parties (as a USB stick/DVD that can be printed with your advertising or can also be downloaded).
If the interested party has a problem and starts their PC with it, they will connect directly to you .
He can describe his problem to you directly (text) and you can test his device remotely.
How likely is it that he will then commission someone else than you?

As a manufacturer, you can supply a specially configured toolstar®testLX with your devices (also in a separate boot partition in the device) or make it available for download.

  • Customers and dealers can provide detailed information for support/complaints/warranty.
  • Fewer unauthorized RMAs because the customer/retailer sees that the problem is not the hardware, but rather the software/operating system or the user themselves.
  • This allows you to shorten response times and reduce service costs, especially for expensive, highly available devices such as servers, printing machines, control devices, etc. Especially in connection with remote support.  

Often the devices are only rarely in the company and then there is little time.
Hardware errors are only noticed when there are already failures.

Provide employees with a preconfigured toolstar®testLX (as a USB stick/DVD or for download).
This allows them to test their device regularly and have the results automatically emailed directly to the company. If hardware problems are identified or are imminent, replacement parts can be prepared before the employee's next appointment at the company.

[For software problems and user support you can also use the toolstar®ProfiSupport can be used.]

Other advantages of online licenses

  • If a stick is lost or stolen, the license is not lost. You simply create a new copy.
  • Different boot media for different areas of application make work easier and secure defined processes:
    You can create differently configured boot media for different tasks and areas of use from one license.
    The employee no longer has to set anything , but simply starts the correspondingly marked stick and all defined tests and queries run automatically up to the finished protocols.
    (e.g. outgoing inspection, inventory, reports, different departments with different requirements, internal/field sales, different languages, logos, customer-specific presets, etc.)
  • You can protect your online licenses from unauthorized use with a password. You can also change the password later for media that has already been created in your Licinger customer portal. (For example if they were lost or stolen.)

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