We take care of your old devices

According to European regulations, used electrical and electronic equipment may no longer be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste (e.g. household waste), but must be collected and disposed of separately. With the national implementation of this guideline, you are legally obliged to do so in Germany*2.

This measure serves to protect the environment. Electronic devices contain substances that cause environmental pollution in household waste dumps or when normal, unsorted municipal waste is incinerated. In order to avoid this, old electrical devices that are used in private environments (so-called B2C devices) must be handed over to the designated collection points of the public waste disposal authorities of the municipalities. These devices are identified by the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can.

The test devices and PC diagnostic cards sold by toolhouse DV-Systeme GmbH are professional electronic tools for exclusively commercial use (so-called B2B devices). The labeling is therefore not done with the symbol of the crossed-out garbage cans, but rather with the word mark and the date of manufacture. In contrast to devices that are predominantly used in private households (B2C), these may not be handed over to the collection points of public waste disposal providers (e.g. municipal recycling centers), but must be returned to us for disposal after use has ended.

*1) Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of January 27, 2003 on waste electrical and electronic equipment

*2) Law on the placing on the market, taking back and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (ElektroG) of March 16, 2005

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What needs to be taken into account when reselling?

The “disposal chain” should be passed on by passing on the product, e.g. B. Resale to commercial third parties, cannot be interrupted. Therefore, they must also be informed that the devices in question must be returned to us for disposal at the end of their useful life. A corresponding information sheet is included with our test devices and diagnostic cards.

What happens to the old electronic devices?

The old devices are collected by us and disposed of by a professional disposal company on our behalf. This process is documented by corresponding annual reports to the Waste Electrical Equipment Register (EAR). Every manufacturer or importer of electrical appliances is obliged to register with the EAR.
Our WEEE registration number is: DE 63465009.
VerpackV-Reg.-No. 05833

Returns – what’s the easiest way?

Bitte schicken Sie das Gerät unter dem Kennwort: „Recycling“ an folgende Anschrift zu uns zurück:

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