At a time when hardware is becoming increasingly cheaper, it is particularly important for supporters to locate errors quickly so that the work remains profitable. toolstar is easy to use and can be configured individually. There are regular updates and our team is available to provide you with advice and assistance. With us you have a personal contact person. Technicians can rely on us and our products. Whether hardware testing, data deletion or recovery, all products from a single source from the only German manufacturer. Over 10,000 licenses sold speak for themselves. With our products you save time and money, make your work even more efficient and thus win new customers.

Your advantages

  • save time and money in support
  • offer additional services (shredder, recovery, etc)
  • Test software, data deletion, recovery from a single source
  • free technical support
  • regular updates
  • contact person

Our Solutions for supporter


The hardware testing software toolstar®testLX is the perfect tool in the workshop, in refurbishment and in the production and maintenance of PCs, notebooks, IPCs, tablets and servers. Self-booting via USB stick or network, the software starts reliably on all device types and effectively supports you in hardware analysis. What is built into the device? Is the hard drive working? How well does the cooling and sensors on the mainboard work? If you wish, you will receive all information fully automated and prepared in various documents for you and your customer. This creates trust and enables a verifiable hardware repair without discussion.


The professional self-booting data deletion software toolstar®shredderLX deletes data from HDDs, NVMEs, SSDs, USB Media, SD cards and other data carriers are audit-proof, certified and, above all, verifiable. toolstar®shredderLXboots independently from a USB stick, DVD or over the network and also sets does not require a functioning operating system on the target computer. The generated deletion certificates can be easily customized to suit your needs and those of your customers. toolhouse's data deletion software is used worldwide in small businesses, by manufacturers and refurbishers as well as data centers.


  • Detailed scan reports and log files
  • Support for GPT and MBR disks
  • Including support via email and phone
  • Optimized for rescuing highly fragmented data
  • With USB write protection for your security and that of your customers
  • Fast scans even for large hard drives (HDD, SSD, NVMe, etc.)
  • MAC HFS/HFS and Linux ext2/3/4 in RAW file scan
  • Data recovery even if the drive no longer appears in the Explorer
  • Restoration of entire directory structures with subdirectories including metadata
  • Data migration to new hard drives
  • Smart images for easy file backup
  • BIT images / forensic images for data recovery
  • MBR to GPT conversion during copy
  • Copies from device to device without having to remove the hard drive
  • Easily adjust partition sizes on the target
  • Maximum utilization of hardware speed for fast copies
  • Can be used under Windows and self-booting under Linux and Symobi
  • Unlimited remote support, even from unattended systems
  • Unlimited remote hosts for unattended remote access
  • All future updates and product generations included
  • Seamless integration into third-party systems such as TANSS, Google Sheets, SQL and much more.
  • Personal advice and support from toolhouse support
  • Safety and technology – Made in Germany
  • Cross-platform support – Access to Mac and Windows systems
  • MobileSupport – Start remote maintenance from any browser on any operating system and manage the team
  • Rights management for individual adaptation to your company structure
  • Easy adaptation of the pcvisit module interface to your company appearance
  • Convenient documentation and billing of services provided
  • Easy integration of the customer module on your homepage
  • Annual license as a digital download
Experience since 1994
toolhouse has been selling test and erasure software since 1994. The programs and services continue to evolve year after year.
Company history
Free of charge support
When you order one of our software products, you will receive personal support directly from the manufacturer by phone and email.
Questions & Answers
Personal contact person
You have a personal contact person with a name and a fixed telephone number for all commercial and technical questions.
Contact form
Customer groups
toolstar® software is used worldwide by large industrial customers as well as locally by smaller IT specialists and specialist retailers.
Customer voices
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User report Expert BeningAnswers

PC exam in front of critical eyes

Expert Bening's electronics stores demonstrate how tightly calculated prices and additional customer service can be combined in everyday business.

Lots of plus points

For Stefan Kanthak, technical manager and PC technician at the Expert-Bening store in Aurich, the advantages of software-supported diagnostics lie primarily in the time savings: "In the past, the careful examination of all components took at least an hour, but today it is done on the computers as First, the diagnostic software is started, which can specifically check suspicious components or check all installed hardware for errors in just under ten minutes.

In addition to the speed, the quality of error diagnosis also increases. »Since the use of toolstar®testOS, incorrect diagnoses have become practically impossible . toolstar® is also extremely helpful for combination errors with several components. Even if the error would normally only occur during continuous operation, the software sounds an alarm immediately.«

Positive conclusion

Expert Bening benefits from investing in additional services. As a competent provider, you can open up additional customer groups. The use of software-supported error diagnosis relieves technicians, shortens throughput times and increases the quality of error diagnosis. This reduces costs and increases sales at the same time.

We will advise you personally! Just write to us.

Sandro Leinzinger

Head of Engineering

I would be happy to support you with any technical questions about our products.

Sandro Leinzinger, Head of Engineering​

John Höpfler

Sales Representative

I would be happy to support you with any commercial questions you may have about our products and services.

John Höpfler, Sales Representative​