From version 6.04 of toolstar®testLX, toolstar®QuickCheckLX and toolstar®shredderLX, the live update function is available to all customers with a current version. With this new function, the program updates itself to the next higher version as soon as it is available.

Update process

When you start one of the previously supported programs with an active internet connection, your license is automatically checked to see whether a new update is available. Depending on the setting in the program you will now be asked whether the update should be applied. After confirming the dialog or the automatic application, the update is requested. The program then closes and restarts after installing the update (only the program, not the operating system). After restarting the program, the process continues as normal with the current version as you set.

In case of an available kernel update

There is currently no way to update the operating system. If there is an operating system update in addition to the program update, it will be checked whether the new program version is theoretically compatible with your older operating system. If this is the case, you can still carry out the update (we always recommend updating the operating system). If the new program version absolutely requires the updated operating system (in the case of drastic changes), you will be notified that you must carry out a complete update of your USB stick manually via the customer portal.

Skipping program updates

In the standard setting, you will receive a pop-up when you start the program, which informs you of a new version and gives you the option to carry out the update now (depending on your internet connection, this takes between 2-3 minutes) or to cancel it and be asked again the next time you start it to become. Even if you cancel, you can continue to use the software in the version currently installed on the stick without restrictions.

Activation in the customer portal

So that the live update function can also be deactivatedor activatedremotely, there is a setting available in the customer portal for the details of your license which you can deactivate the function completely. This option overwrites all other functions in the program itself. So if you have deactivated the option for a specific license, an update will never be carried out. If you have activated the option in the customer portal but not in the program, no update will be carried out either.

Setting in the program

In the programs toolstar®testLX, toolstar®QuickCheckLX and toolstar®shredderLX you have the following setting options:

  • Search online for new updates
    Here you have the choice of never, not in autostart mode (i.e. not in an automatically started automation script) and always. The default setting is not in autostart mode.
  • When a new program update is available
    Here you have options: Do nothing, Notify on homepage, Ask user if it should be installedand install automatically. The default setting is Ask user if it should be installed.
  • Delay before automatic installation
    If you have selected the install automatically option under the option When a new program update is available, you can do so here set a delay that allows manual cancellation. The default setting here is 5 seconds.