• Creates bootable WindowsPE/RE® images directly on your computer
  • Private and commercial use WITHOUT restrictions
  • Creates bootable WindowsPE® USB sticks manually or automatically
  • Simple wizard for integrating toolstar® programs and software from any other manufacturer
  • Individually adjustable background image to adapt the appearance of the operating system to your company
  • Easily add your own drivers for special hardware and WLAN controllers including Apple Mac devices
  • Installing Microsoft packages with simple checkboxes to add the .NET framework, for example
  • Automatically generate scripts to edit startup behavior such as automatic program starts and much more
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Product description

  • Creates bootable, ready-to-use WindowsPE® USB sticks
  • Assistance in setting up the environment on your PC (WinPE ADK, etc.)
  • Special features for customizing WindowsPE®
    • Add programs that can later be used in WindowsPE®
    • Integration of manufacturer-specific drivers for controllers and much more.
    • Adding special DLLs to the standard WindowsPE® path
    • Background image customization
    • Automatic generation of a startup script with choices for all built-in programs
    • Assistance with advanced customization of the startup script (automatic mounting of network drives, high-power mode activation and much more)
    • Automatic creation of a USB stick that is then immediately bootable and ready for use

Further functions and improvements will follow in the future and will be available free of charge.

Your benefit

With the toolstar®PEBuilder you can quickly and easily create WindowsPE® USB sticks with your own drivers, programs, settings and much more. The resulting USB stick is bootable and can be used on a wide variety of devices. It doesn't matter whether you need a bootable Windows for loading Windows devices or if you need a service for data recovery, deleting or testing PCs, notebooks, tablets and other devices. You can create WindowsPE® images within a few minutes, completely guided and without a command line.

Integration of toolstar® software

Special program functions are available for easy integration of other software products you may have from toolhouse. These functions are transmitted by programs such as toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderWIN or toolstar®recoveryPRO in a suitable form on the USB stick and integrate it into the automatic start menu.

Free usage without any limitations

You can use toolhouse's toolstar®PEBuilder privately and commercially for its intended purpose without restrictions. They are NOT limited to toolstar® software products. You may create WindowsPE® images and USB sticks that are unrelated to toolhouse, our services or other toolhouse products.