Use of the license password

For the programs toolstar®testLX, toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderLX and toolstar®shredderWIN you have the option of setting an individual license password for each license. You activate this license password in the customer portal Licinger. Every time you start one of the programs you will be asked for the password.

Your license will not be considered “in use” until you have entered the password correctly. Until the password is entered, none of your online licenses will be considered “in use”.

Possible application scenarios

  • Use toolstar®testWIN Remote via remote maintenance to test remote devices. After testing, you can also leave the program with the customer. This person cannot use your license without knowing the password
  • Delete devices with toolstar®shredderLX with the integrated remote control via VNC. The license password ensures that customers do not use your license on their own initiative.
  • Have different licenses set up for different technicians. Every technician has their own license with their own passwords. So this license can only be used by that technician or his department.

Interface in the customer portal

You can access this interface via Licenses -> View Licenses (left menu) and then click on the Details button for one of your toolstar®testLX, toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderLX or toolstar®shredderWIN Click Licenses. Then switch to the Manage license password tab.


Further information

You can find more information about the settings in the Knowledgebase in this article.