HDClone Bootsetup

To create and update your boot media, use Boot Setup. This is integrated directly into HDClone's Windows files. You can enter boot setup manually using the wrench icon in the bottom right corner. If no boot medium has yet been created with the currently running version of HDClone, the dialog will be displayed directly when starting.

Automatic notification at startup


Boot setup settings

  • Select target
    You have the option between USB (here you select your original USB token or one of your maintenance licenses), CD/DVD to burn HDClone to a CD or DVD for older devices that cannot boot from USB media or ISO Image to create an ISO image for later burning or mounting in various systems.
  • Option: Boot mode
    Here you can choose between BIOS, UEFI + SecureBoot, only UEFI + SecureBoot, BIOS, UEFI, only UEFI, only BIOS or only Legacy BIOS. Depending on the device type, you select the appropriate configuration here. If you choose BIOS, UEFI + SecureBoot, HDClone should work on all popular devices.
  • Option: Boot options
    Here you have the options:
    - HDClone/S: Best performance on 32 & 64 bit systems
    – HDClone/S-32: Best performance on 32 bit systems , compatible with many 64-bit systems
    – HDClone/S-64: Best performance on 64-bit systems
    HDClone/L: Broadest driver support, especially for SAS, SCSI, RAID, WLAN + LAN on 64-bit systems
  • Datenträger formatieren
    Diese Option können Sie optional anwählen. Nötig ist dies nur, wenn der USB-Stick noch nicht formatiert ist.
  • Add boot configuration . . .
    This option should only be activated upon request from support. You will receive a file in advance that modifies the startup behavior of HDClone according to the problem.
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