Difference HDClone/S and HDClone/L

Difference between HDClone/L and HDClone/S

The difference between HDClone/S and HDClone/L is the operating system used after booting. If you start with HDClone/S, the Symobi operating system is used. This is a proprietary operating system from the manufacturer Miray Software AG. The operating system is described by the manufacturer as follows:

“The embedded OS Symobi is characterized by its unique architecture and structure as an IoT platform. Combining a lightweight microkernel architecture with a fully modular structure makes Symobi a versatile operating system for IoT and other embedded applications.”

If you start with the HDClone/L option, then you are using a customized Linux distribution.

The HDClone/S option offers you compared to the HDClone/L option has the following advantages:

  • Optimized disk access. Ideal for physically defective media such as USB sticks, hard drives, etc.
  • Minimum size. Perfect for embedded systems where only limited resources are available.
  • Increased compatibility with exotic hardware that cannot be properly initialized by Linux.

The HDClone/L option offers you the following advantages over the HDClone/S option:

  • Support for NVMe disks and controllers.
  • RAID controller support. As long as the drivers required in Linux are included. You can contact us at any time Report unrecognized RAID controllers so that they can be included in one of the manufacturer's upcoming updates.
  • Support for network operations. Saving and loading images stored on a network drive.

Start HDClone/S

HDClone/S is the standard operating system of HDClone. If you do not make a selection at startup, this operating system will automatically load. You can select the operating system by specifically pressing the “S” key.

After selecting the operating system, exactly 1 loading bar should appear. This is the sign that HDClone/S is currently loading.

Start HDClone/L

HDClone/L must be specifically selected when starting HDClone. To do this, press the “L” key during the startup process. You should see the button at the bottom of the screen. If this is not the case, you may need to recreate the USB stick and select the item “With HDClone/L boot support” during creation.

After selecting the operating system you should exactly 2 loading bars appear. This is the sign that HDClone/L is currently loading.

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