• Test all important hardware components while booting
  • Burn-in tests find sporadic errors quickly and reliably
  • No installation required
  • Meaningful PDF protocols provide verifiable evidence of your work
  • Run server diagnostic in the background without rebooting
  • Detailed system information with complete driver and software list
  • Preconfigured test sequences with simultaneous tests for maximum load
  • Configurable for individual settings
  • Annual license including all updates and E-mail support within the license runtime duration

Online-License: Flexible use on any device without installation. Licensing via the Internet

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Product description

toolstar®QuickCheckLX is a hardware diagnostic software that was developed for quick use in the workshop or on site at the customer's site. toolstar®QuickCheckLX supports reading out system information as well as testing all important hardware components in a PC, notebook, server, IPC and much more. The software starts self-booting via the included Linux operating system. With the integrated and preconfigured burn-in endurance tests, even sporadic errors can be found and documented fully automatically. Thanks to self-booting, all hardware components can be tested regardless of the operating system installed.

toolstar®QuickCheckLX contains many functions of toolstar®testLX, but is limited in automation and settings in the program. You can find a comparison of both programs on the product detail page of toolstar®QuickCheckLX.

Testable hardware and software components

  • Interactive tests for monitors, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, pen and other external devices
  • Processor/CPU test (stress test, cache test for L2 and L3 CPU cache, FPU, MMX, SSE, AVX)
  • Mainboard (PCI bus, CMOS RAM/real-time clock, hardware monitoring)
  • Memory/RAM test (7 different access patterns, SPD EEPROM information, memory speed)
  • Hard drives (mechanical test & access time, read test, write test, SMART and much more)
  • Graphics cards (test images, memory tests, 3D benchmark, GPU computing benchmark)
  • Speaker/Sound (Audio input and output)
  • Interfaces such as USB, COM and LPT
  • Network (ping, loopback)
  • Input devices such as mouse, keyboard and touchscreen
  • Power supply for mobile devices (tablets, notebooks, etc.) - checking the current battery status in comparison to the manufacturer's information

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