Load logo files from the network

In order to load a logo file from the network, you must first mount the corresponding network drive under Linux.

Mount network drives and get “permanent” access

At toolstar®testLX and toolstar®shredderLX network drives can also be mounted to use them like local folders. The principle is similar to adding network shares within Windows Explorer. The advantage of this procedure is that you can have the drives mounted automatically via the prestart.sh file at startup and then you can find them in the file browser of toolstar®testLX and toolstar®shredderLX as "normal" folders for saving. Ultimately, Linux takes care of synchronizing the folder with the network share. To mount network drives, this command is used:

mount //Server IP/Share /LocalFolder -o user=username,pass=password

However, you must create the “LocalFolder” folder beforehand. The easiest way is to enter the information once in the prestart.sh file (can be found in the testlx directory or via the Support available (Send email)). The commands specified in the file are executed every time you start toolstar®testLX or toolstar®shredderLX executes automatically. Simply enter the following into the file:

mkdir /MyShareName
mount //Server IP/Share /MyShareName -o user=Username,pass=Password

After starting toolstar®testLX or toolstar®shredderLX you can access this folder using the "Browse" button in the program and the logo -Choose a file. The path would then be /NameMyShare/NameYourLogoFile.png

All changes are only made permanently on the release side (Windows server (or Mac/Linux)). All files you create within toolstar®testLX or toolstar®shredderLX are only a mirror of the network directory and not actually physically on the USB Stick or machine available.

Mount and save network drives

You can use the mounted network drives to save to them. You can also mount more than one network drive to store different editions on different servers. Further information can be found in this KB article.

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