CPU temperature throttling

CPU temperature throttling is an active element of every modern CPU and automatically protects it from overheating by throttling the performance of individual cores. In an emergency, entire cores can be switched off completely. This behavior is positive, but leads to a decrease in performance during work. Through the tests in toolstar®testLX and toolstar®testWIN can be checked whether the CPU temperature throttling was active during testing and if yes, for how long. Based on this information and the application scenario of the device, active measures can be taken to increase the cooling capacity.

Is activated CPU temperature throttling a defect?

Just because the CPU temperature throttling has become active does not mean that the device is defective. The fact that the throttling starts means that this component of the CPU is not defective. However, active throttling also indicates that the cooling of the device is not optimal. The interpretation of optimal cooling must always be tailored to the device type. An embedded system without active cooling is to be assessed differently than a high-end gaming device with multiple fans.

Depending on the device type, the requirements of the device and its subsequent usage environment, the entire Hardware monitoring can be monitored and interpreted in accordance.


In the program itself you will find the following settings for CPU temperature throttling:

  • Active temperature throttling means error (recommended)
    Activated by default.
  • Treat high temperature (just below the temperature throttling) as an error
    Normally there is only an error when the temperature has already been reached and the temperature throttling was active.
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