Configure your own system overviews

The programs toolstar®testLX, toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderLX and toolstar®shredderWIN offer you the opportunity independently configure customized system overviews. You can individually determine what is included and in what order.

Basic configuration

You can use a simple interface to set which components appear in which order in the system overview. All information is available to you as blocks to move. In addition, you can also set how empty fields should behave, for example, or how information is grouped. In the configuration window you can easily add or remove components/information using the arrows in the middle. You can use the up and down arrows to reposition the individual parts in the left half to determine the order in which the information is output.

There are some settings in other menu items in the general settings and script settings that can change the format. This includes, for example, output as a table instead of a list.

General Settings

In the general settings you can specify how the system information behaves globally throughout the program. These settings also work in the automation scripts. But only if you have not made any special settings there. The general settings also work in the main menu and in the individual tests. We recommend that you first set the settings in the general settings that are generally valid for your company and then the settings in the automation scripts depending on the customer or usage.

In the settings for the one-page system overview, you have fewer individual components to choose from, but you can adjust more in the layout area. You can also configure the one-page system overview and then use it as part of the standard overview as you have configured it.

Settings per protocol in the automation script

In addition to the general settings, you can also edit the settings for the one-page and standard system overview per configured report in the endurance test. These settings override the general settings in this very report.

Special behavior: erasure certificates

The one-page system overview that you can add to the deletion certificates is only influenced by the general settings. The automation script settings have no influence on this. This applies even if you create a script with a erasure operation.

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