• Tests of all important hardware components under Windows
  • Burn-in tests find sporadic errors quickly and reliably
  • No installation required
  • Meaningful PDF protocols provide verifiable evidence of your work
  • Run server diagnostic in the background without rebooting
  • Detailed system information with complete driver and software list
  • Preconfigured test sequences with simultaneous tests for maximum load
  • Configurable for individual settings
  • Annual license including all updates and E-mail support within the license runtime duration

Online-License: Flexible use on any device (technician license). Licensing via the Internet.

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Product description

toolstar®QuickCheckWIN is a software and hardware diagnostic software that was developed for quick use in the workshop, on site at the customer's site or remotely via remote maintenance. toolstar®QuickCheckWIN supports reading out system information and testing all important hardware components in a PC, notebook, server, IPC and much more. The software can be run on all systems on which Windows is installed or can be booted via WindowsPE/RE. With the integrated and preconfigured burn-in endurance tests, even sporadic errors can be found and documented fully automatically. The Windows test environment allows all hardware tests to be carried out in the background without having to completely shut down the productive system.

toolstar®QuickCheckWIN contains many functions of toolstar®testWIN , but is limited in automation and settings in the program. You can find a comparison of both programs on the product detail page of toolstar® QuickCheckWIN.

Testable hardware and software components

  • Interactive tests for monitors, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, pen and other external devices
  • Processor/CPU test (stress test, cache test for L2 and L3 CPU cache, FPU, MMX, SSE, AVX)
  • Mainboard (PCI bus, CMOS RAM/real-time clock, hardware monitoring)
  • Memory/RAM test (7 different access patterns, SPD EEPROM information, memory speed)
  • Hard drives (mechanical test & access time, read test, write test, SMART and much more)
  • Graphics cards (test images, memory tests, 3D benchmark, GPU computing benchmark)
  • Speaker/Sound (Audio input and output)
  • Interfaces such as USB, COM and LPT
  • Network (ping, loopback)
  • Input devices such as mouse, keyboard and touchscreen
  • Power supply for mobile devices (tablets, notebooks, etc.) - checking the current battery status in comparison to the manufacturer's information
  • Windows event log (automatic parsing and evaluation in individual and long-term tests / burn-in tests)
  • Read Windows version and configuration (version & configuration, installed updates, environment variables, swap file)

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