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Boxshot toolstar®testLX

The hardware diagnostic software toolstar®testLX is the perfect tool in the workshop, in refurbishment and in the manufacture and maintenance of PCs, notebooks, IPCs, tablets and servers. Self-booting via USB stick or network, the software starts reliably on all device types and effectively supports you in hardware analysis. What is built into the device? Is the hard drive working? How well does the cooling and sensors on the mainboard work? If wanted, you will receive all information fully automated and prepared in various documents for you and your customer. This creates trust and enables a verifiable hardware repair without discussion.

We have been developing hardware diagnostic and analysis software for you since 1994. During the entire time, all test routines were revised again and again to find every error. Are you interested in how this works and what else toolhouse is capable of? Just ask us at 08441 5044-0.

Annual license including all updates and support during their running time.

Difference between stick and online licenses:
Online licenses: Not tied to data carriers, can be used flexible, requires an internet connection.
Offline licenses: Strictly bound to a data carrier (USB pen drive), can be used offline.


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