Who needs hardware testing software

toolstar®testLX is the perfect software for all PC service technicians, IT service providers, system houses, manufacturers and remarketing companies. The hardware diagnostic software can be used to optimize the service, find errors outside of Windows quickly and verifiably, recondition used devices and much more. toolstar®testLX demonstrably saves time in service, remarketing of used devices and in the production of PCs, servers and notebooks.


Your advantages with toolstar®testLX

Individually customizable

toolstar®testLX can be individually adapted to your needs. Individual fields such as customer number, order number or ticket number in the logs, export as XML, JSON, text and PDF, company logos in all documents, your own automation scripts and much more.

Detailed system overviews

You can choose from 4 system overviews with different details. 2 of these system overviews can be completely designed and customized by yourself.

Save time with automation scripts

We have installed 4 ready-made sample scripts for you to customize. An automation script is a collection of hardware diagnostics, protocols, and settings that can be saved and then run over and over again.

Logs: Your proof of service

With the logs (as TXT, HTML, PDF, JSON and XML) you can provide evidence of the service you have provided and document any hardware problems that may have occurred and the complete hardware configuration in a simple and understandable way for your customers. This saves discussions and makes it easier to sell new devices and spare parts.

Warranty Reversal

With the detailed test reports from toolstar®testLX you can reverse the warranty and outsource the burden of proof to the customer. Regardless of whether you still give the guarantee or not. Your point of view in conversations improves enormously.

Unlimited support

When you purchase the software, you automatically receive unlimited support via phone and Email during the running time. We would be happy to support you in setting up automation scripts, evaluating test results and integrating them into your third-party systems.

Professional software made in Germany
Concept, development and sales from a single source for over 27 years.
Logging for you and your customer
By automatically logging all processes and test results, hardware damage can be transparently detected and documented.
The perfect assistant in service
toolstar®testLX is the perfect service assistant and completely relieves you of the diagnosis of hardware errors. This allows you to concentrate on other tasks.
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Test routines for all important components
All important hardware components are tested and logged automatically. This creates trust among your customers.
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One product - countless possible uses

In service

The all-round PC service also includes the hardware. Unfortunately, hardware errors are difficult to distinguish from software errors and are very time-consuming to find. Documentation and proof for the customer also takes time and effort and is not easily possible. With toolstar®testLX you can find hardware errors in just a few minutes and get a clear distinction between hardware and software problems. All of this fully automated and documented. You have proof and your customer can see the problem at a glance. This creates trust, saves discussions and you reverse the warranty.

In remarketing

In remarketing you live from used devices, which unfortunately don't always work 100% or perhaps need an upgrade from HDD to SSD. With toolstar®testLX, troubleshooting and inventory of devices can be fully automated. Your employee needs a maximum of 3 minutes net working time to completely inventory, test and grade the device. Many of our customers have already optimally integrated toolstar®testLX and toolstar®shredderLX into their processes and not only use the software for pure testing but also parse the output straight into the database so that the sales team has a suitable overview about equipment and condition. And all of this is fully automated.

In production

New hardware components are usually used in production and are rarely defective. Here toolstar®testLX can support you with the exit inspection. Short tests determine the configuration and output an error if, for example, too few hard drives were found. This way you can immediately check whether all hardware components have been connected correctly. With the detailed and completely customizable system overviews, you always know exactly which device was shipped to which customer with which serial number and which hardware equipment. Configure once and then use it fully automatically! This saves complaints and working time.

Tests for all important Hardware components and functions


CPU core (registers, stack manipulation, addressing modes, flags, integer arithmetic, BCD operations, bit operations, flow control, string operations, processor I/O, exceptions) FPU (load and store, instruction set, rounds and Truncation, Exceptions), MMX Unit, 3DNow! and SSE unit (Data Transfers, Packed Arithmetic, Packed Comparisons, Data Conversion, Logical Operations, Shift Operations), Stress Test and High Load Test


Temperatures, fan speeds, voltages and performance indicators can always be viewed on the screen.
(if supported by the mainboard and the necessary sensors are installed and connected)


USB host controller, specifications, manufacturer, name and status. USB device overview and details, controller test. Serial and parallel ports, suitable test plugs are optional. (Internal loop back test, handshake test, send/receive test, controller test, status port test)

Drives (HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB, etc.)

Read test, write test (non-destructive), mechanical test, benchmark test, read sectors, controller test, CD-ROM, DVD, BlueRayZIP, LS120, USB drive


Board and BIOS information (manufacturer, UEFI Windows license key, BIOS date, chipset, socket and much more) PCI device list, details and tests (direct bus scan, BIOS: device search, 16-bit functions, 32 bit functions, 64 bit functions), plug and play, hardware interrupts, DMA and CMOS RAM/real time clock tests (read, write, battery status, checksum, diagnostic status, clock ticking, alarm)

Random Access Memory / RAM

CPU cache test, display of possible memory areas, SPD-EEPROM information, tests: random pattern, checkerboard pattern, Windows mode, complementary bits, left and right bits, large complements, distributed accesses

GPU / 3D

Test image, grid image, primary colors, grayscale, color levels, video memory test, VGA split screen, visible memory test, 3D rendering, OpenCL computing stress test, OpenCL benchmark test. All graphic images can be used as interactive tests in endurance tests. Ideal for monitor testing.

Input devices / HID

Tests for keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, pencils, touchpads

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Integrate system information and test reports into your processes

JSON documents

With the output in the well-known JSON format, it is easy to parse the system information and test reports into your own systems. You can also use Zapier, for example.

XML documents

In addition to the JSON output, you can also have the information output as XML and stream it into your XML API and evaluate it there.


Customers use the output as XML, among other things, to stream the information from toolstar®testLX into Dynamics CRM from Microsoft®. This information is then used to create data sets for the devices, which are then used in sales.

eBay item creation

Refurbishment customers use the output to create items using the Ebay API. This automatically creates an item for sale from every tested and deleted device and your customers immediately have the opportunity to order the item online.


In PC service, the e-mail function in the program is often used to automatically attach protocols to existing tickets or to create completely new processes. This ensures that all protocols are saved and after testing and/or deleting the device, it can continue to be managed in the technician's usual interface.

Further information about toolstar®testLX

Integration of company logos into toolstar® protocols and certificates

PC and tester information in toolstar® products The information about PC & tester is basically there to enrich the information on issued test and deletion protocols as well as certificates with your own information that cannot be read by machines. This could be the technician responsible for the device, your company logo or even internal key figures such as ticket numbers or customer numbers.


toolstar®shredderLX – securely delete SSDs

Why is SecureErase or Enhanced SecureErase so important? SecureErase or Enhanced SecureErase are two different standards that are supported by almost all SSD hard drives. Unlike BSI3, BSI VS etc., these are firmware-based deletion processes that run internally in the hard drive and are directly integrated into the firmware by the hard drive manufacturer


Use informations of PC- & Tester effectively

What are the details of PC & tester? The information about PC & Tester is basically there to enrich the information on issued test and deletion protocols as well as certificates with your own information that cannot be read by machines. This could be the technician responsible for the device, your company logo or even internal key figures such as ticket numbers


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