toolstar® solutions specifically for remarketing and refurbishment companies

toolhouse software can be used effectively in a variety of areas. Especially in the area of ​​remarketing/refurbishment, the products toolstar®testLX, toolstar®testWIN, toolstar®shredderLX and toolstar®shredderWIN particularly useful. The software supports you in many areas of your processes, such as testing the hardware, recording grading information or deleting devices in an audit-proof and certified manner. toolstar® software can be used on a variety of devices such as notebooks, PCs, servers, tablets and much more. use equally and uniformly.

The process with toolstar® briefly explained

The diagnostic and erasure software from toolhouse can be optimally integrated into your existing processes and behaves like a puzzle piece in your current workflow. Thanks to the possibility of connecting to third-party systems via various channels, all information can be shared with toolstar® and all information from toolstar® can be used in your own environment.

The hardware diagnostic and erasure products


toolstar®testLX is hardware testing software that is optimally suited to... existing processes can be integrated and can be highly automated. Improve your quality assurance. toolstar®testLX is perfect for incoming and outgoing control of PCs, servers, notebooks and tablets . The automated endurance tests, which you can define yourself, make it easy to automate and standardize testing of the entire system. Even employees with little to no technical knowledge can sort out defective devices and sort them according to quality levels.

Your advantages with toolstar®testLX:

Our software allows you to fully automate the process of incoming and outgoing device control. All system information and hardware tests are fully automated. A connection to your own IT systems is possible without any problems and in many different variants.

CPU, GPU, memory, hard drives, motherboard, web cam, WiFi, network, keyboard, monitor and much more.

You define the sequence of all actions such as tests, documentation, data collection and much more. and then you can run this template again and again.

You can generate an unlimited number of documents in different versions per automation script. Among other things, XML and JSON are available for integration into your own systems.

In addition to the hardware tests, all components installed in a device are also audited and prepared for a subsequent evaluation.

When you purchase the software, you automatically receive unlimited access to email and telephone support.


toolstar®shredderLX completely deletes all data carriers (HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB) and documents this process automatically. Up to 4 hard drives (depending on the edition) can be deleted within one device. For each deletion, you will receive an individual certificate in PDF format to document the deletion and protect yourself legally. Optionally, the software can also be integrated into toolstar®testLX . This means that testing hardware and deleting all connected disks can be combined into one time-saving process.

Your advantages with toolstar®shredderLX:

All connected data carriers (up to 4 in the Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition on request) are deleted simultaneously.

The program offers you many national (BSI 3x, BSI VS-ITR) and international (HMG, DoD, US Army, NIST Purge & Clear) erasure standards to choose from.

Enhanced SecureErase, SecureErase, Sanitize BlockErase, Sanitize CryptoErase, NVMe User Data Erase and NVMe Cryptographic Erase are supported.

For each hard drive that is deleted, you will automatically receive a deletion certificate as clear proof of successful erasure.

You define the sequence of all actions such as tests, documentation, data collection and much more. and then you can run this template again and again.

When you purchase the software, you automatically receive unlimited access to email and telephone support.

Process optimization with toolstar® software

Official service provider at TheBrokerSite

toolhouse is an official service provider at TheBrokerSite in the area of ​​auditing software and data deletion. As a service provider we offer certified software for auditing, hardware testing and data deletion specifically for refurbishers . Our software integrates seamlessly into existing processes and enables an optimized process for reprocessing used hardware.

User reports and case studies from our customers

News article about toolstar® products

Include your own company logo in protocols and certificates

In the products toolstar®testLX, toolstar®shredderLX, toolstar®testWIN and toolstar®shredderWIN, your own logos can be integrated into all protocols and certificates issued as HTML or PDF. The integrated logos are then displayed in the header of each document. Various settings can be specified. Such as the position (left, middle or right),


Integration of toolstar® test into your processes

Why should you use automation and process integration? toolstar® software provides you with various options for integration into your existing IT infrastructure. This includes saving to network directories (Windows and Linux shares, FTP servers and emails). By saving to remote systems, you ensure that all generated protocols and certificates are intact


Use informations of PC- & Tester effectively

What are the details of PC & tester? The information about PC & Tester is basically there to enrich the information on issued test and deletion protocols as well as certificates with your own information that cannot be read by machines. This could be the technician responsible for the device, your company logo or even internal key figures such as ticket numbers


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