Testing devices without monitor output

It may happen that you want to use toolstar®testLX on a device that no longer supports screen output . This can be due to a defective monitor (notebook, tablet) or a monitor that is not connected (desktop, IPC, server). In order for the tests to still work, no dialogs must appear during the tests and the script must start automatically.

Standalone configuration with sample scripts

To create your own script that works completely without dialogs, you can use one of the sample scripts offered as a starting point. When making adjustments, please proceed as follows:

  • Check under “At startup” whether all checkboxes are removed. In most cases, the PC and tester information is selected here.
  • When testing, make sure that no Interactive Tests appear in the list
  • When testing, ensure that the 3D graphics benchmark has the rating question disabled
  • Check the conditions at “At the end”. Here you can set the automatic shutdown after the test is completed.

You can now save the edited sample script under your own name. This script is then used in “Setting the automatic script start”.

Setting the automatic script start

Go to Settings and then “All Options”. Here you can change the behavior after starting under “Program start”. Here select “Automatically start this script” and set the previously saved script.

Pre-made sample script and settings

If you do not want to use the adjustments for your own scripts, you can use here download a .zip package with a finished endurance test for the most important components as well as a testlx.ini file with the automatic script start. Unpack the .zip file and copy the two files onto the stick in the testlx directory. In order for this script to run properly, you need at least program version 6.06.

Booting without a monitor

Booting from a USB stick without a connected or broken monitor can be difficult. Not all devices start automatically from a USB stick. You have a better chance if you use a DVD. However, even when starting with DVD there is no guarantee that it will not start from the internal hard drive. If it is not possible to start, you would have to unplug the internal hard drive and then start it. In this case, chances are high that the firmware will use the DVD image as an alternative. You can have a DVD image generated in the customer portal.

DVD image customization with script and settings

In order to be able to use the automatic program start with a DVD image, the scripts and settings must be integrated into the DVD image. You can either do this independently after downloading with, for example, UltraISO or a similar program, or You upload the documents to your license in the customer portal. To do this, you can use the “Documents” item in the account settings in the customer portal.

Saving reports at startup via DVD

If you booted from a DVD, saving to the boot media is not possible. In this case, you would have to use a network drive (enter in the log storage path) or the email function via an internet connection (can be set in the automation script).

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