PDF Error: 1043/0: Error returned from PNGLIB while loading image

The error PDF Error: 1043/0: Error returned from PNGLIB while loading image will help you save PDF documents manually and automatically in the status log of the programs toolstar®testLXtoolstar®shredderLXtoolstar®testWIN and toolstar®shredderWIN displayed. The error occurs when you enter a company logo in the program PC and tester information and this does not correspond to the standard basic PNG format. Various graphics programs may export a color space not included in the base format or other special adjustments. Unfortunately, these adjustments prevent us from reading and inserting the image correctly.

The problem can be solved by running the program in a graphics program such as GIMP Open it and simply export it as PNG with the standard settings without further editing. Further information on integrating your personal company logo can be found in this KB-entry.

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