toolstar®checkAndErase KIT


The toolstar®checkAndErase KIT includes:

Difference between stick and online licenses:
Online licenses: Not tied to data carriers, can be used flexibly, requires an internet connection.
Offline licenses: Strictly bound to a data carrier (USB pen drive), can be used offline.

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Product description

The toolstar®checkAndErase KIT includes:


  • Online license: You work as flexibly as you want. Can be copied an unlimited number of times and can be individually equipped for many technicians and colleagues. Although simultaneous use is limited to the number of licenses purchased, working via remote connections is not a problem. Your customer calls and you respond immediately!
  • Stick license: Work completely without a network or internet. No problem with the stick licenses from toolhouse. Do you work in high-security environments or would you like to 100% rule out external threats? With the stick licenses you can easily start and the program is licensed completely independently of the environment. Suitable for every terrain and every occasion!