Windows features and tests

An overview of all Windows features and testing options from toolstar®testWIN. You can have various information about the different software information displayed and automatically parse and evaluate the Windows EventLog.

Information: Operating system

Version & Configuration

Here you will find information about the installed Windows operating system. This includes the Windows version, Windows version number, build number, product type, installed product suites, 64-bit Windows, boot method, SecureBoot, user status.

Additional installation and registration information such as Registered License Holder, Registered Organization, Product Name, Release ID, Version, Build, Build Detail, Edition, Type, Product ID, Windows Directory (Default: C:\Windows)

PC name information such as username, NetBIOS name, DNS name

Installed updates

A list of all installed updates with the update ID, description, installation date and, if applicable, a link to Microsoft for more information about the update.

Environment variables

A list of all environment variables that have been registered locally or globally in the system.


Information about the location of the paging file as well as its size and maximum values.

Information: Installed programs/services/processes

Active Processes

All currently active processes and the total number of running threads. The table contains the information name, ID, threads used, parent process, priority, memory used, kernel time, user time and storage path of the service program.


All currently running services and total registered services. The table contains information about the service's name, type, status, startup behavior, error status, and storage path.

Installed software

All installed software products with the information name, manufacturer, version, date, 32 or 64 bit and the storage location.

Information: Installed printers


A list of all installed and registered printers.


Detailed information such as printer name, port, driver name, comment, print processor, data type, offline status, printer location, network printer, driver version, print quality, vertical resolution and more.

Diagnosis: Windows event log evaluation

Listing of the various logs such as Application, HardwareEvents, HLK, Internet Explorer, Key Management Service, ODiag, OneApp, OSession, Security, System, Windows PowerShell and more.

Within an automation script, you can automatically filter all event logs and receive an error if an error is recorded in a log or if there are more than X warnings in a log.

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