The (original) USB stick is too small for my update

Through constant improvements to our program and the Linux kernel ( the operating system of toolstar®testLX and toolstar®shredderLX), the program is gradually getting a little bigger. This is why it can happen that old USB sticks (smaller than 4GB) are no longer large enough for a new update.

Checking the physical size of my USB stick

In Windows Explorer, you will only see the size of the logical area for removable storage devices such as SD cards and USB sticks. For example, if you only specify 5GB as a partition for a 16GB USB stick, Windows Explorer will show you a total size of 5GB. However, this does not correspond to the actual size of the physical medium. To check how big your original toolhouse USB stick really is, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Windows Disk Management
  2. Check the specified size of your USB stick in GB there
  3. Is the USB stick larger or equal to 4GB?

The stick is smaller than 4GB

If your USB stick is in the Windows Disk Management shows a total size of less than 4GB, then replace it with a larger USB stick. You can delete your already registered (but too small) USB stick yourself in the customer portal and register a new one.
If you still have any questions, contact toolhouse support by telephone (08441 504427) or by email

The stick is larger than 4GB, but the toolhouse image-writer still reports that the stick is too small

Please go to Disk Management (Win+x opens the menu to select Disk Management).
In most cases, 2 partitions are visible on the stick - one active (blue) and one inactive (black).

Delete the active partition (right click on partition -> Delete Volume).
Your stick now only shows 1 inactive partition and the total size of the stick

You can now import the Linux kernel image.

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