HDClone does not recognize the built-in RAID

HDClone basically supports all common RAID controllers and can always address them as a volume and, in some cases and depending on the RAID BIOS settings, all connected physical hard drives individually. However, when using HDClone, care must be taken with the environment in which HDClone is running.

Detection under Windows (HDClone/W)

If you start HDClone as a Windows application, then HDClone will recognize the RAID without any problems if you see it under Windows. If this is not the case, you can install manufacturer drivers and then restart HDClone. All drives recognized by Windows are fully available under HDClone.

Detection under Symobi (HDClone/S)

With the self-booting version via Symobi (mehr Informationen) only certain software raids are recognized by Intel. In most cases, access to hardware RAID controllers is not possible. This is because the manufacturer does not provide drivers for the Symobi operating system.

Detection under Linux (HDClone/L)

With the self-booting version via Linux (mehr Informationen) almost all hardware and software RAIDS are detected. The prerequisite is the existence of drivers for this controller. The manufacturer of HDClone integrates all common drivers for RAID controllers into the Linux image by default. Reloading drivers independently is not possible.

RAID controller still not recognized?

If the RAID controller is not recognized under Linux, you can report this to us. We will communicate this information with the manufacturer on your behalf and, if possible, this specific driver will be integrated into the next and all subsequent releases of HDClone.

For integration, the manufacturer requires at least the following information:

  • Manufacturer of the RAID controller (model, type, version, etc.)
  • Used version of HDClone with subversion. For example 11.0.6a
  • Information about the server or PC in which the RAID controller is installed
  • Is it a hardware or software RAID
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