toolstar®mobile Analyst

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The diagnostic software for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones toolstar®mobile Analyst is perfect for refurbishment. Test all components of a mobile device such as touchscreen, speakers, sensors and much more. Fully guided by the installed app on the device. All operations are controlled through the local interface under Windows. Once the procedure is complete, all results are automatically transferred to the online dashboard. All reports are archived in the dashboard itself and you also have the option of setting up users with authorizations and viewing statistics.

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Annual license including all updates and support during their running time.

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Product description

  • Test IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices
  • Complete device diagnostic including documentation of all processes in 2 – 4 minutes, depending on the setting
  • Increases throughput, reduces costs and provides reliable evaluations.
  • With one license, a device can be tested as often as you like for 30 days. Especially during service, the device often goes through several stations such as acceptance, audit, test, repair, final inspection and issue.
  • Mit einer Lizenz kann das Smartphone auch mehrfach an jeder Station belegbar mit Protokoll getestet werden.
  • You can define the processes in advance and the app installed locally on the device to be tested guides you through the steps
  • All important components are tested: Battery, GSMA/Jailbreak testing, hardware and software buttons, phone, sound, microphone, speakers, screen and touch, fingerprint scanner, various sensors, camera/video and much more.

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