Professionally test and audit smartphones and tablets

  • Increases throughput, reduces costs and provides reliable evaluations.
  • Complete device test with test report in 2-4 minutes. This saves time!
  • All important components are tested:Battery, GSMA/Jailbreak testing, hardware and software buttons, phone, sound, microphone, speakers, screen and touch, fingerprint scanner, various sensors, camera/video , etc.
  • With one license, a device can be tested as often as you like for 30 days.
  • Particularly during service, the device often goes through several stations such as: acceptance, audit, test, repair, final inspection and issue.
  • This means that the smartphone can also be tested multiple times at each station with a protocol.
  • IOS/Android are tested automatically. You can create your own test procedures for Blackberry & Windows.
Annual license including all updates and support during their running time.

Your benefit

toolstar®mobile Analyst automatically documents all system information and test results centrally in the online dashboard. You can then view these results and information in the dashboard, send them to your customer or download them as a PDF document.

Through the automatic detection and installation of the appropriate app on the device to be tested and the guided test routines, you can test a large bulk of devices in a very short time. The tests can also be carried out simultaneously. This means that multiple devices can be tested simultaneously on the same host per user.
The software supports all device types and is suitable for Android from version 1.5, iOS, Windows Phone from version 8, BlackBerry RIM 4.3 or newer. You simply connect the device via USB to your Windows PC with the toolstar®mobile Analyst software installed and the device is automatically recognized. The program then automatically installs the appropriate app on the device.

In addition to the actual program for testing the hardware, the price also includes access to the online dashboard in which all information is automatically saved. This means you have access to the data anytime and anywhere, can create users and display the current statistics. This means you always know exactly how many devices of which type were tested and over what period of time.

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toolhouse has been selling test and erasure software since 1994. The programs and services continue to evolve year after year.
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Price matrix

toolstar®mobile test
amountpriceprice per test
1099,- €9,90 €
20189,- €9,45 €
50357,- €7,14 €
100599,- €5,99 €
5002.499,- €5,00 €
1.0003.999,- €4,00 €
5.00014.995,- €3,00 €
10.00021.999,- €2,20 €
toolstar®mobile shredder
amount price price per erasure
10 99,- € 9,90 €
20 189,- € 9,45 €
50 357,- € 7,14 €
100 599,- € 5,99 €
500 2.499,- € 5,00 €
1.000 3.999,- € 4,00 €
5.000 14.995,- € 3,00 €
10.000 21.999,- € 2,20 €

If you regularly test and/or delete more than 5,000 devices annually, please contact us about volume licenses.

Areas of application

The incoming device is first tested extensively with tests that start automatically and all results are saved and displayed directly. Only then will the qualified technician be deployed to assess and repair. The process: Start the device with toolstar®mobile Analyst and carry out the guided test routine. Now everything has been tested and the condition can be assessed.

Through fully automated processes, you can audit, test and delete all devices in one operation (with the additional toolstar®mobile Shredder program) and log the results. All results are immediately saved in the personal dashboard and can be accessed from anywhere using the browser.

Do you have any questions?

The toolhouse team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products.
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Your personal online Dashboard

Included in the price with every license is the online dashboard in which all your processes are stored. In addition to storing all data, the following functions are also available:

Easily create evaluations and statistics and determine the usage of your licenses or which device type is tested and how often. You can also find out which errors occur most frequently and much more.

In the Dashboard you can easily set which user has which permissions. Who can use how many and which licenses. Who has to carry out which processes and much more. A user is also authorized to log in to the Windows software at the same time.

All system information from each device and the associated test reports are automatically loaded into the dashboard for you and archived there. In the Dashboard itself you can then load, filter, display and send these reports to a customer.

Process optimization

Every process in toolstar®mobile Analyst is easily and automatically documented in your personal dashboard. Automatic logging means you can always show your customers exactly what you've done. This reduces complaints and creates trust in the services and devices you offer.

With toolstar®mobile Analyst you can test as many devices as you want at the same time. Simply connect 1-X devices to your Windows PC where the software is installed and the process will automatically start on all devices at the same time.

In the Dashboard you can easily set how the processes should be for the different users. Which devices can be tested or which test sequences should be started automatically and in what order? After starting the app on the device, the user is then guided through the test procedure you have set. This minimizes errors and increases throughput.

Certifications of the toolstar®mobile software

ADISA offers independent validation of compliance
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