Update obligation for manufacturers

A new law has been in force in Germany since January 1st, 2022, which is intended to better protect consumers in various areas with regard to hardware and software. The changes include, among other things, an update requirement for manufacturers of digital products. From January 1, 2022, they will be obliged to provide software updates. This regulation includes, among other things, fitness trackers, TV sets, smartphones and tablets, but also purely digital products such as apps, e-books or streaming services. The law is part of a package with which the federal government is implementing two EU regulations. Regular updates are important for the IT security of the devices.

12 months instead of 6 months warranty from purchase

Among other things, the new law extends the warranty obligation of sellers to consumers by 6 months to a total of 12 months. This means that as a dealer you must be able to prove for 12 months that the device was in perfect condition when delivered. Especially in this area you can toolstar® software actively support. Because proof can only be provided if you have an independent document that confirms the condition upon delivery.

Your advantages in the area of ​​warranty with toolstar®testLX and toolstar®testWIN

With toolstar®testLX and toolstar®testWIN you can verifiably test devices. All tests automatically create protocols about the processes such as system overviews and test results. This means you can prove at any time that the device was in perfect condition that day. From then on, the burden of proof falls on your customer. This puts you in a much better negotiating position if your customer has a warranty request. Because of your test protocols, the customer has the obligation and you can decide how to deal with them. Do you give the warranty or not? No matter what you do, the testing protocols will always put you in a better position in such conversations.

You can already fend off many of your customers' warranty inquiries if you use the protocols from toolstar®testLX or toolstar®testWIN already upon delivery or when selling the device. This shows the customer that the device has been tested and is working properly. This is good service and at the same time you shift the burden of proof from you to the customer.

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