toolstar®testLX hangs when reading out a hardware sensor / hardware monitoring

It may happen that certain devices are not properly supported by the existing drivers. In rare cases this can lead to a hang during initialization. In such a case, the most recently attempted HWMon driver would have to be displayed on the screen in the dialog.

Disable specific sensors

You can display a list of all possible sensors via the settings in the program. Within this list you can also select which sensors to use. Here you can simply deactivate the last displayed sensor. You can access the settings page via Settings -> All options -> Mainboard. In order for the list of sensors to be displayed, you must activate the expert view at the bottom left.

If it is not possible to access the settings on the problem device, you must deactivate the sensor on another device and save the setting.

After the testing

If you have deactivated a sensor and the device has been completely tested, it is recommended to activate the sensor again. This leads to other devices trying to communicate with the sensor again. In some cases it is not the sensor that is to blame, but rather the firmware of the sensor or mainboard. The problem may not occur on another device with different firmware and you will see the values ​​displayed in the program.

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