What are online licenses (floating licenses)

toolstar® software products are available in two different versions. The versions only differ in the licensing, but not in the range of functions of the products. The Online Licenses are not tied to a medium and can be uploaded to any USB stick without having to first lock it into the customer portal to register. However, when using it, a permanently active Internet connection via LAN or WLAN is required. The Online Licenses offer you more flexibility in use, but require Internet on the device to be tested.

Flexible working with embroidery and online licenses

In order to be able to work more flexibly, it is possible to use Stick- Licenses to combine with online licenses. You can easily add embroidery and online licenses in the respective quantities to the shopping cart.

Further information

If you are not sure which license type or license combination is right for you, you can contact us at any time for advice or look up the comparison of stick and online licenses.

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