Delete Apple notebooks and desktop computers with toolstar®shredderLX

Basically, Apple notebooks and desktop computers are supported by toolstar®shredderLX . However, there is no official release from toolhouse. Very new devices mainly pose a problem. toolstar®shredderLX in most cases without any problems.

Settings for booting from external media

By default, Apple devices only boot from the internal hard drive. In order to boot from external media, this must first be set in the device's Boot Security Utility. Instructions can be found here: About the Startup Security Utility

T2 security chips in modern devices

Modern devices with a T2 security chip often prevent access to the built-in hard drive. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this on Linux. In many cases it is not possible to delete such devices with toolstar®shredderLX . However, with toolstar®shredderWIN this problem does not exist. To the article.

Devices with M1 CPU from Apple

Very new devices with Apple's new M1 CPUs are currently only supported by Apple's own operating system. It is generally not possible to start on such devices.

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