Erase smartphones and tablets professionally and certified

  • Secure and irrevocable sanitization of all personal data in accordance with international standards
  • Standards: VSITR (BSI, D), DoD5220.22M (US), HMGIS5 Bassline (GB), Gutmann, Schneider, Pfitzner, Encryption and similar
  • The ADISA and A-Star certification for global use provides 100% security
  • With one license, a device can only be deleted once
  • Easy to use and very quick to delete
  • Windows – application for easy use
  • Audit-proof sanitization certificates
  • In addition, all licenses are valid for 1 year
  • As download (ESD)

Your benefit

The toolstar®mobile shredder deletes all devices securely and certified. Based on various proofs, the security of erasure is guaranteed.
Supported devices/operating systems:
– Android 1.5 or later
– iOS (Apple)
– Windows Phone 8
– RIM 4.3 or later (BlackBerry)
With toolstar®mobile shredder you can simultaneously delete as many devices as you have licenses. Appropriate hardware equipment is required. Each device is represented as a separate process in the local Windows application and can therefore be monitored at any time.
In order to delete many devices at the same time, USB hubs are required so that they can supply the devices with the required power.
A Windows application is available that can be used for any device type. No matter whether IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Android.

When you purchase the license, you automatically receive access to the online dashboard. This allows you to display the remaining licenses, assign individual user policies, track processes, retrieve statistics or generate certificates. 

Die Vorteile​

When deleting internal and external storage media, you also have the choice between various global standards.

  • VSITR (BSI, D)
  • DoD5220.22M (US)
  • HMGIS5 Bassline (GB)
  • Gutmann
  • Schneider
  • Pfitzner
  • Encryption
The software was developed by ADISA, GSMA, and A Star Forensics certified. It was checked whether the software completely deletes all data.
Unlike competing products, the license is only withdrawn once the deletion has been successfully completed. If the deletion process is canceled unexpectedly, the license will not be deducted and can be used to try again.
The Windows application and the required drivers can be quickly installed using simple MSI packages and operated in a Windows-typical way. The better the device and the USB hubs and cables used, the more reliably the device will be recognized and used.
Once completed, the sanitization certificates can be issued via the online dashboard. These are then available as an encrypted PDF document and are audit-proof thanks to certification.
The software can be used by multiple users simultaneously. Individual rights can be assigned to each user via the online dashboard. These are then checked and applied while using the local Windows software. 

Price matrix

toolstar®mobile test
amountpriceprice per test
1099,- €9,90 €
20189,- €9,45 €
50357,- €7,14 €
100599,- €5,99 €
5002.499,- €5,00 €
1.0003.999,- €4,00 €
5.00014.995,- €3,00 €
10.00021.999,- €2,20 €
toolstar®mobile shredder
amount price price per erasure
10 99,- € 9,90 €
20 189,- € 9,45 €
50 357,- € 7,14 €
100 599,- € 5,99 €
500 2.499,- € 5,00 €
1.000 3.999,- € 4,00 €
5.000 14.995,- € 3,00 €
10.000 21.999,- € 2,20 €

If you regularly test and/or delete more than 5,000 devices annually, please contact us about volume licenses.

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Your personal online Dashboard

Included in the price with every license is the online dashboard in which all your processes are stored. In addition to storing all data, the following functions are also available:

Easily create evaluations and statistics and determine the usage of your licenses or which device type is tested and how often. You can also find out which errors occur most frequently and much more.

In the Dashboard you can easily set which user has which permissions. Who can use how many and which licenses. Who has to carry out which processes and much more. A user is also authorized to log in to the Windows software at the same time.

All system information from each device and the associated test reports are automatically loaded into the dashboard for you and archived there. In the Dashboard itself you can then load, filter, display and send these reports to a customer.

Certifications of the toolstar®mobile software

ADISA offers independent validation of compliance
Unifying the mobile ecosystem and related industries
A-Star Forensics

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