HDClone 14 toolstar®-Edition


  • Data migration to new hard drives
  • Smart images for easy file backup
  • BIT images / forensic images for data recovery
  • MBR to GPT conversion during copy
  • Copies from device to device without having to remove the hard drive
  • Easily adjust partition sizes on the target
  • Maximum utilization of hardware speed for fast copies
  • Can be used under Windows and self-booting under Linux and Symobi
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Product description

HDClone toolstar® Edition is a universally applicable copy software for IT technicians and administrators. With HDClone toolstar® Edition you can create SMART images for simple data backup, BIT images or forensic images for data recovery and other forensic purposes, or create direct copies of data from one physical medium to another transferred to. HDClone toolstar® edition supports all Windows, Linux and Mac file systems for easy customization of partition sizes and types during copying.


In which cases can HDClone support me?

Device-to-device copies

Copy from device to device using the unique NetDisk Technology (NDAS) without having to remove the hard drives. NetDisk Technology (NDAS) can help you especially for devices in which the hard drives are permanently installed on the mainboard and cannot be removed. You share the device on the network and then use HDClone to access the device as if you had connected its hard drives directly to the source.

Data backup

HDClone toolstar® Edition is used by many customers to back up data before modifications are made to a device. By quickly backing up the data before your actual service work, you ensure that nothing is lost. With HDClone toolstar®-Edition copy software you can complete this task quickly and precisely for all file system types (Windows, Linux and Mac).

Data migration

Easily create data migrations from HDD to SSD/NVMe. HDClone toolstar®-Edition always uses the maximum speed that can be provided by the hardware. This leads to a very fast throughput of data. Migrations can be performed from Windows, Linux and Mac devices. Additionally, HDClone toolstar® edition supports MBR to GPT conversion. This means that old operating systems can continue to be used on new devices without having to reinstall them.

Data recovery

In HDClone toolstar® Edition the function is BIT-Copy (for 1:1 copying of data) and BIT-Image (for creating 1:1 images (forensic Images)) included. This makes it easy to create images or copies before data recovery in order to protect the customer's original data. In addition, HDClone toolstar® Edition is specifically designed for copying logically and physically defective hard drives. SafeRescue mode detects bad/defective sectors and skips them in the first pass. In the second round, an attempt is made to read the data using different access patterns.


With HDClone toolstar®-Edition you can easily create or convert VM images (Virtualbox, VMWare, VirtualPC). This allows you to convert physical machines into virtual PCs and back again. HDClone toolstar® Editionoffers various setting options for virtual images so that they can be adapted exactly to your needs. Also the migration from, for example, VMWare to Proxmox is quick and easy with HDClone.

Copy physically defective hard drives

With HDClone toolstar®-Edition copy software, physically defective hard drives can often be saved in whole or in part. With the built-in SafeRescue mode, defects are automatically detected and treated accordingly by the program. Basically, in such a case, all perfectly accessible data is copied first and then all defective sectors/blocks are copied in the second run. Using different access patterns, HDClone toolstar®-Edition also tries to copy the last defective blocks. However, if that doesn't work (depending on the severity of the damage), you will still have saved all perfectly accessible data from a physically defective hard drive. Under certain circumstances, the copy will then be bootable again and data recovery will no longer be necessary.


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