Boxshot: testLX
toolstar®testLX with shredderLX
  • Self-booting, independent of the operating system
  • Complete testing of all major hardware components
  • Burn-in tests also find sporadic errors
  • Meaningful protocols and certificates prove your work
  • Freely configurable for your individual use
  • incl. toolstar®shredderLX: Certified and audit-proof data sanitization software
  • Free technical support by E-Mail and Phone
  • Annual license including all updates and support during their running time.

Difference between stick and online licenses:
Online licenses: Not tied to data carriers, can be used flexible, requires an internet connection.
Offline licenses: Strictly bound to a data carrier (USB pen drive), can be used offline.


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Boxshot toolstar*testWIN
toolstar®testWIN with shredderWIN
  • Tests of all important components under Windows
  • Burn-in tests reliably find sporadic errors
  • No installation required
  • Meaningful test reports
  • Server diagnostic without rebooting
  • All tests also in the background
  • Detailed system information with complete driver and software list
  • All test procedures are simultaneously possible (at the same time) for maximum load
  • Freely configurable for individual processes
  • Email notifications
  • CPU high load test for maximum load (up to 512 CPU cores simultaneously)
  • including toolstar shredderWIN
  • Annual license, including all updates within the term and free technical support

Difference between stick an online licenses:
Online licenses: Not tied to data carriers, can be used flexibly, requires an internet connection.
Stick licenses: Permanently bound to a data carrier (USB stick), can be used offline.


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